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"Core" Lights

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"Core" Lights

----Unique patent and process interpretation of KENTO LED products

Light,which lights up the world and shine the future, it's a symbol of human hope. The lighting device is an important and indispensable part of national economy, reflecting of urban culture, mapping out the extent of regional or urban economic prosperity and social development of the modern level.

LED is short for the english name of light-emitting diode(Light Emitting Diode), also known as the semiconductor lighting, solid state light emitting devices as a source of light. Its heart is a semiconductor chip, known as "green core". Its outstanding advantages mainly includes: Super energy saving, long life span, no mercury pollution, shock resistance, rich colors, strong controllability, small size and waste recyclable. LED is another revolution following the incandescent, fluorescent lighting, it will give birth to the 21 century the largest, the most dynamic revolutionary, global efficient lighting industry, its contribution to the human lighting is as much as Edison's invention of the incandescent lamp.

LED lighting is known as the fourth generation of lighting source of light or green light, and is recognized as one of the most promising hi-tech fields in the 21 century.

The LED will turn on the human lighting "core era", it needs no filament, no electrodes, with lamp and a smart chip, with electric, magnetic and optical technology, life time up to 10 years which is 100 times longer than that of incandescent lamp, energy consumption less than half of the ordinary energy-saving lamps and significantly improved light brightness.

Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps have a distinct advantage.

LED light with low heat dissipation and no radiation. It is a cold light source safe to touch, and can precisely control the light pattern and light angle, with soft light color, no glare, no mercury, nickel and other hazardous substance, shock resistance, no pollution and recycling of waste.

LED lamps have high efficiency, low power consumption, high conversion efficiency, 90% of electrical energy converting into visible light; 80% electrical energy of ordinary lamps converts into heat, only 20% energy into visible light; In theory, on energy consumption LED is equivalent 10% of the incandescent lamp, 35% of the fluorescent. Generally, energy-saving up to 70%.

Compared to the short life of traditional lamp, LED with low attenuation, up to 50000 hours life time, the theoretical life time up to 100000 hours which is more than 10 times of traditional lamps. If keeping turning on, which is e

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