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Hubei KENTO Electronic Stock Corporation Profile

Hubei KENTO Electronic Stock Corporation is located in the hometown of Quyuan (a famous patriotic poet) and The Three Gorges dam in Hubei Zigui. The enterprise is renowned as its integrated R&D, design, production, selling performance of LAMP-LED, LED lighting, optocoupler products and SMD series.

Founded in 1997 with existing 1800 staff members. KENTO enjoys huge glories including: national hi-tech enterprise, well-known trademarks in China, the governing units of optoelectronic devices Branch of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, National Semiconductor Lighting Project R&D and Industry Alliance member units.

KENTO implements the division as main structure of modern enterprise system, the establishment of lamp LED, LED application and JinCheng Division. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen JinCheng Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd was established also a branch in YiChang. KENTO has adopted the ERP manufacturing, financial management systems and passed through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14000 environment system certification.

KENTO always holds the view "to make the world LED Excellent Supplier", adhering to market-oriented, technology innovation, management innovation, market innovation as the key point and continuously improving the core competitiveness. KENTO has walked out of a leading technology and new ways to win. KENTO has a nearly two hundred professional talent team, covering machinery, surface treatment, mold, electronics, lighting design, marketing,etc., as a provincial innovative pilot enterprise. KENTO possesses technology research and development platform with the Enterprise Technology Center of Hubei Province and Hubei province LED packaging engineering technology research center, KENTO has established close cooperative relations with the relevant universities and research institutes. Also has mastered the core technology of semiconductor packaging and a number of national patents, a great deal of completely independent intellectual property rights. Independent invention of silver-tin composite plating process, short pitch, ultra-thin LED lead frame, the new patch (SMD) LED key technologies and processes is in an industry-leading.

KENTO's existing four series of products are: DIP LED, the new SMD LED, Optocouplers, LED Lighting application, with stamping, plating, packaging, application of a complete industrial chain and the world's leading packaging equipment. KENTO produces more than 160 specifications of LED devices with an annual capacity of 12 billion pieces, ranking first in the country; new SMD LED production line with annual output of 1 billion pieces, optocoupler 817,357,3H7,etc., with annual production capacity of 1 billion; also with strong development strength on LED interior lighting, flexible lights, electronic display application.

KENTO uses a direct distribution model, has a direct sales network to cover the national market; independent export international trade department, with offices in Vietnam, India and other countries, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions.

In future, KENTO will further transit to technology KENTO, innovation KENTO, advanced manufacturing, high-end manufacturing ascension and to strive to build China's LED leadership brands, strive to build the country's largest semiconductor packaging industry base and energy efficient lighting industry base, let technology bloom light of human nature and to better serve the human lighting health.

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